Surgical Trays


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Surgical Trays

Procedure packs are the time-effective solution for surgeons (and nurses) which eliminate the hassle of picking multiple items from stock and reduces the risk of picking the wrong items and potentially scrapping instruments. With a procedure pack the surgeon can receive everything required for a surgery in one neat set with a single easily traceable batch number and one set of patient labels.

The trays can be made from a sturdy plastic which allows sharp instruments to be passed between the surgical team members without risk.

Riverside Medical Packaging Company Ltd own the tooling for several styles of surgical trays including a simple open tray or tray moulded with a gallipot. These trays can be manufactured with a company logo moulded into the base or kept generic.

Riverside Medical Packaging can provide these trays by themselves for the customer to pack product into, or Riverside can offer a contract packing service where products can be cleaned and packed in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom before being sealed in a bespoke pouch tailored to the size of the tray.

Bespoke Options

For a more tailored procedure pack, Riverside Medical Packaging Company’s team of design engineers can create a blister design with pockets moulded to the shape of the customer’s product to securely hold them in place and allow limited movement during transit, protecting the product and the sterile barrier of the blister lid from damage.

Again, these can be packaged in house or supplied to the customer in bulk.

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