Thermoforming Packaging Machine


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Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Shawpak a divsion of Riverside is a UK manufacturer of a range of packaging equipment for medical devices. 


Built in the UK at our state-of-the-art engineering facility in Derby, every care has been taken to ensure our machines are built to the highest quality.  

Shawpak was formed in 2013 when David Shaw, CEO, thought that linear thermoforming machines - some of which are six metres long - could be condensed into a smaller machine, but with the same input. This development turned into our revolutionary rotary thermoforming machine.

Unlike traditional linear thermoformers, the Shawpak thermoforming machine uses a rotary drum to form, fill and seal the medical devices. Using a drum reduces the need for expensive clean room space, as it’s so compact. It also reduces waste on blister packs and increases the flexibility for tool changeover. The Shawpak thermoformer comes in a range of 32-20, 42-25, 62-25 & 82-20 and can produce both rigid and flexible packs.


Take back control of your supply chain, produce your own medical packaging on demand.

Shawpak’s range also includes a pouch machine and a pouch sealer. The Shawpak pouch machine - launched at the start of 2021 - represents the best solution for packaging flat medical products. The Shawpak pouch machine is a highly flexible and innovative solution for producing pouches. The machine can also be utilised to make 4-side seal packs for flat medical devices. Other beneficial features include a compact bespoke design, which saves valuable floor space and utilises modular assemblies for quick changeovers and improved accessibility.

To complement our range of medical packaging machinery we have also developed the Shawpak rigid blister machine, which forms the blister, die cuts the outer profile and stacks them ready for use in production. This highly flexible machine is capable of creating die cut rigid blister packs of sizes up to maximum of 600 x 300mm (or multiple packs totalling 600 x 300mm). The Shawpak rigid blister machine is designed to create blister packs on demand by auto stacking packs with a separate waste disposal, removing the need for companies to store surplus inventory of stock.


For more details please visit our Shawpak Web site