Blister Tray Sealer


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Blister Tray Sealer

Medipacker TS

The MEDIPACKER TS is a universal heat-sealing machine with highest control comfort to sealing pre-formed Trays (Blister) with die-cut lids made of Tyvek, Medical paper or compound foil.

This table model with his compact and durable design have been specially developed for medical industry and use in cleanroom areas.

The three process parameters seal time; pressure and temperature are regulated in closest tolerance, so that high-quality packing is the result. The MEDIPACKER TS is able to qualify to the requirements of FDA and GMP (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ).

Highlights of the MEDIPACKER TS:

  • Easy programming of the seal parameters with a touch screen interface.
  • Actual and desired value of the seal parameters is shown on the display not only as a value, but also as a bar graph. When the MEDIPACKER TS is ready to seal, the display changes from red to green.
  • The seal time begins to start only after the seal pressure is reached; the seal time run-off is indicated.
  • Sealing outside the process tolerances is not possible and the display shows red.
  • The touch screen is locked with a numeric code.
  • The exhaust air is collected and filtered for use in class 100 cleanrooms.
  • The production data can be printed out over and interface (optional extra).
  • Fast sealing tool change; approximately 5 minutes.
  • Qualification of the machine in accordance with the requirements of the FDA / GMP (optional extra).
  • All sealing parameters can be calibrated (temperature/dwell/pressure).

Sealing Tools:

  • The seal tools are manufactured from aluminium and consist of a lower plate and a seal plate.
  • The quantity of blisters sealed per cycle is driven by the overall blister size and sealing area. All tooling is designed to maximise these parameters and give the best yield.
  • The anodized receiving plates (nests) are equipped with a groove, into which the specially developed silicone profile is inserted. The customer can replace the seal rubbers themselves as and when required.
  • The seal plates have a scratchproof, non-adhesive surface coating.
  • The feather/spring pins are made from stainless steel and are easily replaced as and when required.
  • The optimal process parameters are recommended and documented with the results of the peel and/or burst test before delivery.


Model: TS 3535 TS 5035 TS 7035
Width: 470mm 620mm 840mm
Length: 420mm (with guide Bars 710 mm) 420mm (with guide Bars 710 mm) 940mm
Height: 620mm 620mm 890mm
Weight: 112kg without tools 135kg without tools 225kg without tools
Seal surface: 350 x 350mm 350 x 500mm 350 x 700mm
Max. depth of blister:   105mm 105mm 105mm


Design: Stainless Steel construction / Aluminium parts anodized
Seal temperature: Digitally programmable up to max. 190°C, adjustable by 1°C increments
Temperature accuracy of +/- 1.0°C measured at the hotplate
PID feedback control system
Seal force: Programmable from 6kN to 36 kN in steps to 1kN with adjustable increments of 1kN
Repetition accuracy within 0.5 kN
Seal time: Programmable from 1.0 to 9.9 seconds (+/- 0.15 seconds), adjustable to 0.1 second increments.
Compressed air: 6 bar minimum requirement which must be supplied filtered and dry.
Air connection: Supplied with a 12mm O/D 3 metre tube with sealer connection. Customer to supply own air supply fitting.
Power supply: 240 Volts
Options: Die Cutting Roll-table, Interface for printer, System Qualification, Increased blister height to 150mm, Automatic drawer for TS 5035 and TS 7035.
Warranty: 2 Years on the heat sealing press, 1 year on rubbers and pins.