Medical Packaging Solutions

Medical Peel Pouches & Sachets

Manufacturing and contract packaging medical peel pouches & sachet solutions for healthcare, medical device and nutritional markets since 1979

Individual sachet dispensing ensures an accurate, fresh and hygienic measure every time

Riverside Medical Packaging is one of the largest UK producers of peel pouches and sachets for medical applications. Providing intelligent and innovative solutions to satisfy the demanding requirements for producing, packaging and sterilising single use medical devices.

Packing of solid dose, powders or liquids into sachets  across a variety of pouching and assembly solutions.

The 4,700 sq metre manufacturing facility has been tailor-made for the manufacture of medical packaging and products. It house’s 8 Cleanrooms each being either process or product specific.

Innovative design solutions for a broad range of medical peel pouches and sachets applications.

  • Wound care dressing
  • Sterile hospital ancillaries
  • Non sterile ancillaries
  • Vitamins
  • Medical devices
  • Clear, high barrier film pouches
  • Extra long pouches of infinite length
  • Film & foil laminate peel or tear open pouches
  • Tyvek® & paper peel pouches, including Core-Peel® film mated to uncoated Tyvek® or reinforced paper for a fiber free clean peel
  • Full ISO certification and traceability on all sachets
  • Very latest sachet materials and designs to enhance product image

Intelligent bespoke medical peel pouches & sachet solutions

Riverside's specialist in-house tooling and CAD resources can also be drawn upon to provide a service to accommodate customer's individual requirements, with the finished packs all being produced in our cleanroom. Close co-operation and discussion between our R & D team and a spread of specialist medical packaging material suppliers has resulted in the latest most comprehensive selec