Medical Device Manufacturer

Engineering for Medical Device Manufacture

Taking a project from concept to a market-ready medical device

Engineers responsible for the design and manufacture of the tooling work within the project team from the outset. This means when a project is ready for tooling, there is a highly detailed understanding of your design needs. The design and development is managed in-house and the manufacture of the tool can be too.

Our in house engineers are ready to assist you with customised solutions for any problem related to medical device design, manufacturing technologies or production logistics.

The capability to manage the whole engineering and tooling process in-house because we understand the challenges of medical device manufacture

Designed for the manufacturing process because we are manufacturers. This means we understand the process from concept to a market-ready medical device and you get less design revisions and shorter lead times.

  • Tooling designed by engineers who understand your product and the production process
  • Tooling manufactured to provide the best value means comparing prices from overseas specialists partners
  • Reaching the right decision means factoring in lead time, quality and risk management
  • Modifications, refurbishing and repairs carried out by our experienced toolmakers maintains quality
  • Proactive tooling maintenance means efficiency, effectiveness and longevity of a tool are maximised

Combining toolmaker engineering excellence with medical injection moulding expertise

Having these two specialism’s working along our product designers means you get the very best solution for your medical device. The experience available to you means the most complex technical medical components can be designed and manufactured. Providing you with years of knowledge, experience and expertise in material selection and medical device manufacturing.

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