Medical Device Contract Packing


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Medical Device Contract Packing

Riverside contract pack and contract manufacture a wide variety of medical devices from wound care products through to complex procedure kits and Class III implants.

All packing and manufacturing is carried out in one of our twelve bespoke ISO 14644 Cleanrooms.

Devices are packed into dedicated blister packs or into in-house produced pouches. Proposals for pack designs take into account customer and product needs, volumes and the chosen method of sterilisation to ensure that the sterile device is presented safe and secure at the right price.

Riverside has developed ‘narrow web’ thermoforming machines with in-line print/UV cure technology for blister packing. The tooling for these can be as little as 20% of the price of that required for other equipment. The low tooling cost allows products to be presented in robust and more attractive packaging formats than would otherwise be possible.

A Quality System, BSI accredited to ISO 13485:2016 ensures a continuous inspection procedure throughout the packing processes, incorporating stringent tests every step of the way to guarantee consistency and reliability.

Ultrasonic cleaning if required, takes place in a dedicated Class 7 cell prior to packing. This fully validated process gives added assurance of near zero contamination and bioburden.

Sterilisation via ETO or Gamma is sub-contracted to approved ISO accredited partners to achieve efficient and effective microbial elimination. Routine monitoring of product, operatives and cleanroom bioburden ensures that the challenge to the sterilisation process remains low.

Riverside also has cleanroom injection moulding capability, this together with product and pack design, prototyping, production tooling, validations, product assembly, cleaning, packaging, sterilisation and even CE assistance to expedite new products to market, demonstrates the variety of activities carried out at the Derby site.

For over 40 years, Riverside Medical Packaging has established itself at the forefront of the healthcare industry. We have increasingly developed intelligent and innovative solutions to satisfy the demanding requirements for producing, packaging and sterilising single use medical devices.

Riverside’s state of the art 70,000 sq ft manufacturing facility has been tailor-made specifically for the manufacture of medical packaging and products. It house’s Twelve Cleanrooms (two Class 8 and ten Class 7), each being either process or product specific.

These superb manufacturing cells, BSI/ISO accreditation and creative R&D team enables us to provide a diverse, innovative range of high performance products at an economical price – regardless of quantity.

Built on a foundation of experience, excellence and traceability, our success can be measured through the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Find out more about how Riverside Medical Packaging can help you with your contract packing requirements call +44 (0) 1332 755622 or complete the enquiry form