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Preform Blister Packs

Why Preformed Blister Packs?

  • Protect product during transit and for the duration of its shelf life
  • Unique designs enhance the quality of the product presentation
  • Smooth, steady peel lids and blister rigidity present the product safely and securely

Blisters in almost any style, size or shape 

  • Single Blisters
  • Double (inner & outer) blisters
  • Clamshell or fold-over blisters
  • Multi compartment blister trays (for procedure packs)


Riverside are experts in designing and producing blister packs at the highest of standards.  We understand the requirements for protection, presentation, and performance necessary to introduce medical devices into the market.

Bespoke tooling is manufactured at our Shawpak site in Derby, UK. A tool set consists of three main parts: a Forming Chamber, a Form Heater & a Die Cut Tool.

Blisters are produced and filled on our Blister Machines in an ISO 14644 Class 8 cleanroom. Our Quality Management System is accredited by BSI to ISO 13485.

A wide range of materials can be utilised depending upon the application. These include GAG, PETG, APET and PVC.

With the expertise of our in-house Validations team, we can ensure that packaging is fully tested and complies with the latest regulatory requirements. The SB200 equipment has been designed, produced, and validated by our Shawpak division.