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About Riverside Medical Packaging

Since 1979, Riverside Medical Packaging has established itself at the forefront of the healthcare industry.

Riverside is made up of 3 distinct divisions with one common goal, to provide medical devices, clean, sterile & safe.


We have increasingly developed intelligent and innovative solutions to satisfy the demanding requirements for producing, packaging and sterilising single use medical devices.

Riverside’s state of the art 86,000 sq ft manufacturing facility has been tailor-made specifically for the manufacture of medical packaging and products. It house’s Twelve Cleanrooms (three Class 8 and nine Class 7), each being either process or product specific.

These superb manufacturing cells, BSI/ISO accreditation and creative R&D team enables us to provide a diverse, innovative range of high performance products at an economical price – regardless of quantity.

Built on a foundation of excellence and traceability, our success can be measured through our repeat and growing customer business.

Our Vision

  • To create a working environment which encourages respect for one another, integrity, positive contribution, accountability and fun.
  • To strive to provide our industry with the best quality products, packaging and packaging service, in all respects; and to recognize that our customers have a choice  - we all need to help them choose Riverside - again and again.
  • To be flexible, creative and innovative, and embrace, not fear, change to improve.
  • To recognise that profitability is essential so that we may invest in our future success and that of our customers.